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White Swan Atlantic Beach
Catering Menu
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White Swan has a long history of catering services in North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina.  Over the years, we have built our reputation on superb food and impeccable customer service.  You will be able to taste the extra time, pride and care we take in serving your event.  Whether it is for 50 or 2000 guest, a simple pig picking or a grand event, We guarantee your satisfaction. 
Call us for your next occasion.
Randy Hingson, Franchise Owner White Swan of Atlantic Beach
We look forward to serving you.
Caterings include:
2 meats, 2 side items, hush puppies, tea, plates, cups, flat ware, and ice.
 Setting up and assisting
in serving for 1 1/2 hours for an additional fee.
We can customize catering to meet your needs and budget.
Call us today  252-726-9607

Catering Menu:

Catering Cost

$12.50 per person

Catering prices includes the choice of 2 meats, choice of 2 side items, hush puppies, tea, ice, plates, eating utensils, cups and delivery and set up.

Serving available upon request.

Choice of 2 Meats:

Pig Picking (minimum 50 people)                       Fried Chicken

Chopped Pork BBQ                          Baked Ham

BBQ Chicken                                  Roast Beef

Sliced Pork Roast                            Baked Chicken

Roast Turkey                                 

Ask about other entree ideas.

Choice of 2 Vegetables:

Cole Slaw                                      Green Beans

Brunswick Stew                              Boiled Potatoes

Baked Beans                                 Potato Salad

Candied Yams                               Creamed Potatoes

              Extra choice of side items .80 per person

Ask about White Swan's other available side items.

Desserts: (Add 1.00 per person)

Banana Pudding

Peach or Apple Cobbler


Please ask about our seafood menu cooked onsite.


White Swan Of Atlantic Beach

Call us for your catering needs